Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Good things come...

Just a quick update. Ms. Mucky was dumped by Wee Man on sunday :( Which means She is now single and wants Me to join Her for celebratory/condolance drinks on saturday night. I'm expecting this to be a messy one. On monday, Capt. Creepy texted Ms. Mucky saying His usual 'hi huni, hope ur ok?xx' and on tuesday He was facebooking Me and saying he wanted to fuck Me. We girls found this hilarious and are planning on winding Him up and catching Him out on saturday night. He has already asked if Ms. Mucky will be out, we just need to sort a plan out and make Him squirm a bit when He sees both of us there. Did'nt I say that i would get the perfect oppertunity to show Him up??
Ginger pubes had a plan this monday for Me to go round and shag the living daylights out of Him. His plan was foolproof apart from the fact that His dad was ill and took the day off work. Ho-hum. He'll have to wait aswell.
One thing that I wish would get gone quickly is My cuts, they are still red and angry on My left shoulder. The cuts on My right arm and shoulder are healing ok, but will be visible if i decide to wear the top that I want to on saturday. Sudocreme and cocoa butter are My tried and tested products for speeding the healing up, but whatever, I'll be out with friends so I'm not too concerned about them being visible. Will update when I have more developments :)

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