Thursday, 10 September 2009

Impending misdemeanors...

Ok, so here's what's going on so far this week. Ginger pubes has been trying to convince me to go to a colleagues' leaving do this saturday night. To be honest I would love to go, Bf is'nt so sure because I threw a hissy fit when he wanted to go out and I'm slightly concerned that I'll get up to too much mischeif. Mother can't babysit so I would be sans Bf for the night. Ginger pubes has said that if He gets the opportunity He'll drag me down an alleyway and fuck me there. It sounds quite exciting to be carted off to somewhere dark and indulge in a little fake-rape fantasy, but my pratical side is worried about being discovered by police or coming home with marks on my knees etc that I can't make up valid excuses for :S . I promised Ginger pubes a blowjob if circumstance allows on the night, as all the well known al fresco shagging spots in our town are either patrolled by police or used by other shaggers. This is all dependent on whether or not I'm allowed out on my own, I will have to be a good girl for Bf to convince him :). Ginger pubes has also suggested that I go to his place on monday mornings. This could be a good idea, his parents will be at work as will my Bf, and sprog will be at school. No-one need know where I am as they will assume that I'm at home asleep. This would be the only opportunity we would get to indulge in some of the things we have been discussing via facebook messenger. Better than an alleyway any day. I have certain issues however that this would be far too pre-meditated, at least when I'm out I can blame too many rums for making me randy and having a loss of judgement and sense. A weak excuse I know, But it's all I have. Will update when things develop :)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Puppy dog

It turns out that after our antics the other weekend, Ginger pubes has decided to become my puppy dog :). He is spending as much time as possible with me at work and is always on facebook chatting to me. He told another work colleague that He really fancies me,but apparantly it is more than just a crush. Jeez, you let a guy stick his fingers in your pussy and he goes and falls in love with you, what's a girl to do?.
Secretly I'm loving all the attention and it is'nt irritating at the moment. When we chat on facebook it usually turns into cyber sex where I tell him what to do to me and He masturbates. At work He always manages to place his hand on my ass and make a cute comment about it. He is always available for a reassuring hug when I need one aswell, which has been quite often recently. I enjoy the fact that as His supervisor at work I can demand things of Him and He complys, although His 'older woman' comments have made me feel a little like Mrs Robinson despite there only being a 7 year age gap. I guess He was about 10 years old when I was pregnant with my son, seems scary when you work time out in that way.
Ginger pubes is a really sweet guy, quite mature for His age compared to other guys, definatly a thinker. I kinda played with His emotions after the other night though. My period was about a week late and after what we got up to there was the slimmest chance that He could have made me pregnant. I told Him and He understood what a disaster this could mean to both our lives, although I get up to all this mischeif I could never hurt my bf to that degree. After a week of feeling nausious my period finally happened at about 3am on friday morning, I texted Him immediatly and He gave me the cold shoulder for about 8 hours. We chatted over texts and He said He was both relieved and a little saddened that I was'nt pregnant, He knew I would'nt have just dumped my bf and let Him move in with me to play happy families. And I could'nt have gone through with the pregnancy not knowing who the father was. I shall wait and see how this develops as there is another night of drunken debauchery planned in the next couple weeks :)