Saturday, 15 August 2009

Payday misdemeanors

Well, my plans to be a devoted, loyal girlfriend got thrown straight out the window last night.
It was payday, which means there is usually a good amount of supermarket employees drinking away their hard earned cash in one of the town's few pubs. Ms. Mucky had decided to go out without her bf and had convinced me to let my hair down too. My bf was on a stag weekend in another county and Sprog was at his Nan's for the whole night. I invited Ms. Mucky to stay on my couch as taxi fares to where she lives are extortionate at the best of times, let alone at 3am.
I finished work at 10pm, rushed home and squeezed myself into my pencil skirt and black tee which I teamed up with 4inch wedge slingbacks and out the door I went. The evening started off quietly as I met up with Ms. Mucky and Ginger pubes (another colleague) in 'spoons. After a couple rums I was feeling more relaxed and we were met by Yarp the car park boy. We were now two girls and two boys, the conversation soon got sexual and after a few more drinks Ms. Mucky was simulating a lap-dance on Yarp's lap.
We moved to another bar which was far too crowded, the boys were feeling my backside and often their wandering hands went to other places too. Ms. Mucky planted a lovebite on my breast, kissed me to turn the boys on and also decided to suck my nipple. It was only to be expected, it is one of her party tricks.
Before long we had left the bar and were all making our way to my place. Us 2 girls just wanted to crash out in my bed and get some sleep, the boys had other ideas. After waking up other colleagues who lived nearby and generally causing a ruckus we made it to my place. The boys jumped into my bed which left us girls the only option of sleeping in the middle with the hope to boot them out later after a couple gropes. Our plan failed.
There was much wandering of hands, Ginger pubes was next to me, my leg over his, and his hand between my legs. I could feel his erection against my thigh, he had put his hand in my knickers and started to play. I returned the favour to him trying to keep as still and quiet as possible out of respect for my fellow bedmates, I don't know why I bothered as they were probably doing the same. Ginger pubes was still playing with me and kissing my neck, I was wet and he pushed his finger inside of me. I could have screamed with pleasure as he moved in and out, he pushed two fingers inside of me and if we had been alone I would have done everything to that boy. Absolute drunken fumbling heaven.
He took my hand off his cock and tried to enter me, I would have loved it, but the angle of our bodies was all wrong and no space to re-arrange ourselves with 2 other people in the same bed. After a couple unsuccsesful attempts I called an end to our fumbling and let him play with my nipple as we drifted to sleep, entangled with eachother.
I'm pretty sure that by this evening news of our party in town would have spread throughout the whole store. Especially as Ms. Mucky was sucking the nipple of one of our other female colleagues in the pub garden. News and rumours will spread about us 2 naughty supervisors :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The current checkout girl update

I have realised over the past 4 years of my employment that it is very easy to be respected, loved, envied, hated and admired by many members of the same team.I am the perfect age to be respectful to my elders, childish and fun enough to get along with the teenagers, I can keep a secret for the more cautious middle aged staff and have a sensible head for when my Manager is nearby. I am not overly pretty or plain looking, have sensible curves which make me fit in the 'not too thin' category and mid-length brown hair.
So why did I suddenly become the centre of a male colleagues attention?
One of the males,I shall refer to him as Cpt. Creepy, started to send me little messages on a well known social networking site. We had never really spoken before at work other than to pass the time of day or to enquire about various stock for customers. Then I would log on to the site and there would be a 'Hello' message from Him. The messages evolved from the topic of 'how was work?' to 'looking foward to seeing you at the staff party' until the messages erupted into full blown cyber-sex. This swift turn-around in instant messaging took place over a matter of weeks and although I was becoming uncomfortable with the increasingly sexual content of the messages, it put a smile on my face whenever i walked past him at work.
We still did'nt talk at work. He would take a different route when moving stock around the store to make sure he went past the checkouts as often as possible. I would happily wander into his department to make customer enquiries, whereas in the past the telephone was good enough for a quick stock check.
It came to an almost abrubt end when he started hasseling me to visit his flat for 'coffee'. Usually coffee at a friend's house is fine by me, but 'coffee' with inverted commas just is'nt my thing. No matter how tempting, I regard it as cheating and it would destroy my relationship with my Bf. I offered him a lift home so we could talk about my reluctance to ruin my homelife, we parked outside his place and he tried to kiss me. So I freaked out. He went to his flat and I went home to my Bf. It could have been the perfect affair,but alas, I preffered to string him along and then turn crazy at the end :)
He deleted me from his freinds list on the networking site and continued not speak to me at work. Very grown up for a man 8 years my senior.
After speaking to my colleague Ms. Mucky I managed to gather some rather damning information about Cpt. Creepy's behaviour towards women workers in our store. He had been moved from one department because of stalking a young female employee and is now manager on the only male-only department in the store. Many other girls had been approached by him with a single text saying 'Hello,how's you??' or and instant message on a networking site or e-mail etc. It all began to sound very familiar. He did'nt have a type, just female would do. So maybe a few acts of revenge for my fellow sisters that had suffered his attentions would be in order, I just have to decide what to do and how to do it :S