Monday, 19 April 2010

Update :)

So it's evident that I fail at blogging :S So here's just a quick update.....
Bf moved back to His parents' house 4 days before Christmas. We were officially on a 'split' but still in that 'together' limbo where everyone is guessing what's happening but no-one's brave enough to ask for the truth.
I spent Christmas day at home with Sprog. I cooked and cried in the kitchen whilst Sprog played in the front room. My father visited and phoned Me twice that day, more parental concern for My mental wellbeing in one day than I have had all year.
New years eve was spent with colleagues, Ms. Mucky, Ginger pubes, Elmlea and Wea man were My drinking partners for the evening. I ended up back at My flat with Bf, so drunk that I could barely stand and fell straight asleep when I landed in bed. Bf left in the morning and a few hours later I was in My bed with Minty.