Friday, 2 October 2009

This week's developments...

Well, what a week! I probably don't need to say that I did'nt go out for my workmates' leaving do. A bit upset at that and not only because of the mischeif potential. But this week has brought new developments. Ginger pubes will be having a birthday bash at a colleagues' house next weekend and I have offered to pick him up from his place (He lives in the sticks) and drive him there, we both know that we'll probably end up in a lay-by somewhere for a while and turn up late ;) I'm also giving him a lift home from work tonight because he's on the late shift with me so it will give us some good time to discuss current happenings etc ;)
But the real reason for giving him a lift is actually to provide myself with an alibi. This week I got an all too familiar e-mail via facebook saying 'hey sexy girl, hows you??' yup, Capt. Creepy is back on the scene. We had a mediocre conversation about work and general shop talk and then he said that He still 'wants' me. At which point the chat turned into admissions from him that He wants 'to fuck me hard' and 'feel my ass' and that He can't stop thinking about when we kissed and that He wants to do it again. He has obviously been looking at the checkouts schedule 'cos
He asked for a lift home tonight. Hence Ginger pubes being my alibi. I told Capt. Creepy that I still had problems at home (no word of a lie,I really do ) and the pressure He was putting on me has'nt helped me keep my head straight. It's weird how a conversation with Ginger pubes can casually slip into cyber sex and we can discuss all things unholy that He'd do to me, but as soon as Capt. Creepy mentions the same, I kinda get nauseous. Well I said that the lift home was'nt gonna happen as I deemed it a bad idea, but decided that I should string him along a bit. I said I would like to know Him better, I only know Him at work, where we only speak breifly and it's usually awkward. He agreed and has held back with some of the comments so far. Although He is convinced that He is the one that will make me happy beyond my dreams. I very much doubt this, I will always have something to complain about.
Capt. creepy is also aware of my very close friendship with Ginger pubes. And I think I saw a hint of jealousy shining through. I just feel more at ease with Ginger pubes, I can discuss all manner of things with Him and He has been my confidente and shoulder to cry on throughout the last few months whilst my BF is suffering depression. Although Ginger pubes says He wants to rip my clothes off and 'ruin' me, He also has a very sensual side. I told Him the other day that what I really needed was a massage to relax me and a slow, gentle fuck where I just feel loved and wanted. He said He would be honoured to do that for me. I guess with Ginger pubes it shows how we are so close as friends and that connection is gonna feel stronger when we finally have sex. Not that I've gone all girly and 'lets just hug'. His hugs are great, and He's big so I will love being crushed under Him which really turns me on. Whereas Capt. Creepy just has this animalistic drive to fuck me, or anyone for that matter.
I will try to update more often with developments, if any happen of course :)

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