Sunday, 18 October 2009

Good girls go to Heaven.....

Ok, so I keep saying that I'm gonna do something and then I never do it. I never went to my colleagues' party and I never got up to mischeif with anyone in a layby. So I was determined to go out last night with Ginger pubes regardless of how I felt or whether my hair was behaving.
I got myself ready and arrived at the supermarket where we work to wait for Ginger pubes to finish work. We walked into town, Me being His arm-candy for the night, and parked ourselves in a pub garden. After a few drinks we were joined by Ms. Mucky and her bf Wee Man. More drinks were consumed and the conversation got more depraved with Ms. Mucky in our presence. Wee Man suggested we go inside for shots and we turned the small upstairs bar into a makeshift lap-dancing club inbetween downing shots. note to self - do not mix drinks.
I became increasingly drunk throught the evening and in the small hours myself and Ginger pubes decided to go outside for fresh air. we left the pub and wandered the opposite way to where our homes were. Ginger pubes reminded me that I still owed Him a birthday present and I knew what He had in mind. I did a mental scan for quiet places in the surrounding area and decided to drag Him down an alleyway that led to a public toilet block. The loo door was locked but there was an 'L' shaped wall that would provide enough discretion for what we needed so it was that we had found the perfect place.
I pushed him against the wall and started to kiss Him as I undid His jeans. My hand was on his cock as I continued to kiss Him. I told Him to listen out for passers-by and then dropped to My knees and took Him in My mouth. I gave Him head for a while then He pulled me up and kissed Me. He took a condom out of his pocket and I knew what was coming next. With necessary precautions in place, He turned Me around and pushed Me against the locked door. He pulled my skirt up and My knickers down to mid thigh, then entered Me. It felt amazing to have someone holding My hips and pushing themself into Me, a feeling of want for My body that I have'nt felt for a long time. We fucked against the locked door for a while, I was trying not to make too much noise as I was afraid that someone might discover us. When it became apparant that the alcohol was'nt going to allow Him to cum we called an end to it and went our seperate ways. I was already late to get home and had to try and sort myself out whilst running in heels through the backstreets of town.
So far the damage control has been minimal. Ginger pubes has already told Ms. Mucky, who has been sworn to secrecy. I may have some awkward questions to answer from My manager however, who saw us leave the pub and head in the wrong direction through town. She may not have noticed or cared, but it is another person who may say the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time etc etc etc.
What a bad girl I have been, no Heaven for Me :)

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