Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Sometimes Facebook makes Me want to rip My eyes out....

Don't get Me wrong, I like social networking sites. If they are used to keep in touch with friends or family. If they are used to group people together like workmates or social groups. But recently I have found them to be irritating. I abandoned Myspace because of random friend requests and spam and such. Too many immature teenagers saying nothing but crap. Facebook is unfortunatly the same. It makes Me want to rip My eyes out when I see some of the crap that gets posted on My friends walls. I have blocked one friend for her almost obsessive game requests and the constant updates about the crap that her kids get up to. I'm not fussed if one of them has just fallen down the stairs, get away from the pc and look after your damn children!
Also Facebook has done nothing but fuel My hatred and intolerance towards most teenage girls. Usually in the 16 - 19 year old age range. They repetitivley spam other people's pages with intolerable crap that could quite easily be sent in one e-mail. They all type in fluent text-speak which is verging on the illiterate and is only readable by those who have a degree from the carphone whorehouse. Do boys find this cute or endearing? If anybody spoke to me like that or was quite so bubbly and chirpy whilst babbling on about total crap I would feel entitled to punch them. I have recently blocked another friend because of the amount of crap on their page posted by offenders in this age range. Hopefully in september, when the kids are back at school or college, Facebook will be relieved of this constant attack of innane waffle.

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