Thursday, 3 June 2010

Just when I could'nt be feeling any more worthless inside...

...I learn today that the ex-Bf has a new Gf. Joy of joys. I don't really know how I should be feeling. If it's the girl I think it is then she's one of those out-doorsey types who has photos of her horse on facebook. She has blonde hair and does'nt sunburn in 20 minutes. She probably does'nt suffer fromn hayfever for 10 months of the year, is'nt allergic to Christmas trees, is polite to His family, does'nt smoke, likes getting up early, is 5 minutes early for everything and is kind and charming to everyone.
Am I happy for Him?? I guess so, He deserves happiness after last year. Am I happy for her? Yes, I guess so too. She has got herself a wonderfull guy who will treat her right.
But if I find out in a few months that they are engaged with a baby on the way, I will key his beloved sports car so it resembles a Kandinsky and plant ragwort where she keeps her horse. Am I bitter and jealous?? Me? Maybe just a little bit.

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